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Mapping the universe of Music

Mapping the universe of Music - poudro.com développeur web freelance

It’s been a long time I haven’t played around with galaxies, this time, I’m taking it up one notch to the Universe !

This is a quick post on my latest experiment. Last.fm has a very very nice API that gives access to their similarity index between artists. Using a simple breadth first algorithm, it is relatively easy to construct from the data an actual image of the relations between artists, a very good example of this can be found on sixdegrees.hu.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, simply trying out tools and apps that can be of use in drawing graphs. This experiment uses the incredibly potent and suprising Gephi to generate the graph which is outputted to png and plugged into Google Maps.

See the result here.

The graph itself is made up of 65954 nodes and 508294 edges.

That’s all for now :) It still needs a good lot of work and fiddling (I especially want to play with sigma.js and it really needs a little search feature)…

12 Aug 2012