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Bubbles, more bubbles, bubbles everywhere !

Bubbles, more bubbles, bubbles everywhere ! - poudro.com développeur web freelance

A quick post today for a quick experiment. More bubbles, bubbles everywhere ! The Google Maps API applied to html5 canvas… :)

Now this I find uber fun and it actually looks good too I think…

check it out here.

This uses the Google Maps API v3. The Maps API is built around the idea of cells, where every cell in the classic version is an image, part of the complete map. It is very very flexible… You can see an example of how flexible it is on my favorite Google Lab : the Julia Map (uses a lot of resources).

If they can put something else than pictures, so can I. So I plugged in the bubbles of one of my previous posts into the API. The result : I love it ! Every cell has its own family of bubbles. Each family is independant and bubbles within each cell interect with each other. Thanks to the API you can drag and zoom in/out.

Check it out and come back for more bubbles in the future with one big family and interactions between cells…

18 Aug 2011